John Stamos Arrested For DUI, Hospitalized

UPDATE: On Saturday, John Stamos tweeted that he was currently home and well after his hospitalization in Beverly Hills. He shared his appreciation toward the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the Beverly Hills Police Department on Twitter.

The "Full House" actor was pulled over by Beverly Hills police following multiple calls reporting an "an erratic driver" around 7:45 p.m. PDT on Friday, according to Variety. Stamos was alone in the car.

Police then had the 51-year-old actor transported to a hospital. It is unclear if it was because he appeared drunk or injured. There, law enforcement concluded that Stamos was driving under the influence, according to the Associated Press. He was placed under arrest, cited with a DUI and released into the hospital's care. Variety reports that the actor is expected to appear in court for the charge on Sept. 11.

A rep for Stamos was not immediately available for comment.

Stamos will reprise his "Full House" character Uncle Jesse in Netflix's upcoming "Fuller House" reboot. The actor also stars in his new Fox sitcom, "Grandfathered," premiering this fall.

For more, head to Variety.

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