John Stamos' Desperate Campaign To Guilt The Olsens Continues

They're not coming back, OK?
A "Full House" episode from Oct. 19, 1993. 
A "Full House" episode from Oct. 19, 1993. 

Uncle Jesse needs to stop living in the past, quick. 

John Stamos, who played everyone's favorite hot uncle on "Full House," can't stop obsessing over the fact that the Olsen twins aren't coming back to "Fuller House."

On Thursday, Stamos shared a #TBT video of Mary-Kate and Ashley on Instagram. It would be a cute clip, if it didn't seem like yet another desperate attempt to get the twins to come back to TV. 

"Say my name" #StamosHomeMovies #Fullerhouse #MkAshley. #TBT

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Though the actresses-turned-fashion-designers have repeatedly turned down requests to come back on the show, Stamos *somehow* still feels like the two might return for Season 2. 

"I was going to see Ashley last night and beg her to be on the show," Stamos told Matt Lauer in an "Today" show interview last week. "We would love to have them. I know everyone would love to see them. I have a good feeling about it."

If they somehow don't come back (you know, because they said they wouldn't) prepare for more of this "Fuller House" shade: 

You got it, dude. 



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