Jon Stewart Showed Up For WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' And Kicked Seth Rollins In The Groin

How will Jon Stewart occupy his time following his retirement from "The Daily Show" later this year?

Probably not as a WWE wrestler.

The late-night comedian stopped by WWE's "Monday Night Raw" earlier this week to wrap up some unfinished business with pro-wrestler Seth Rollins, delivered in the form of a swift kick to the groin. The two have been talking trash since late February when Rollins claimed he'd make a better "Daily Show" host and Stewart responded with some choice words of his own.

The fairly odd couple finally met in person Monday night, when the whole incident finally came to a head:

With the kick, Stewart vanquished Rollins to a world of (presumably) highly scripted pain, then triumphantly escaped from the ring.

Watch the entire, bizarre segment, above.



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