John Stossel: Some 'Dumb' People Shouldn't Vote (VIDEO)

Fox Business anchor John Stossel thinks some people shouldn't vote.

Stossel has a new special out about how people shouldn't trust what they instinctively think about things like the dangers of air travel and the efficacy of charity. One of the myths that the host claims to bust is the idea that everyone should vote.

Stossel's reason? Some people, as he put it to Neil Cavuto on Thursday, "are dumb or don't pay attention, and they shouldn't vote." Cavuto told him that he "ought to be careful" about how he defined "dumb."

"I'm not saying we should have a test or something," Stossel replied. But he did single out what he called "the kids," who he said were too out of touch with politics.

"The people who participate ought to be the ones who pay attention," he said. "...I'm just saying we shouldn't have these 'get out the vote' campaigns and make these statements: 'everyone has to vote. It's your patriotic duty!' Well if you're not paying attention, I think it's your patriotic duty not to vote."