John Suthers Falsely Claims CU Has Arrangements With Pot Dispensaries, Says He'd Prefer Legalization To MMJ


In a debate with Democratic challenger Stan Garnett Tuesday morning, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said he would rather see marijuana legalized than live with what he referred to as the "hypocrisy we're in now."

Neither Suthers nor Garnett said that they would like to see marijuana legalized, but Suthers, who has been outspoken in favor of stricter laws governing the state's medical marijuana system, said that Colorado's medical marijuana system already amounts to a de facto legalization.

In making his argument, however, Suthers ran afoul of the University of Colorado. In order to make the case that medical marijuana was out of control, Suthers said that dorms at CU have discount arrangements with particular dispensaries."

A CU spokesman for CU flatly denied the claim.

"There is no official deal between CU and a dispensary," a CU spokesman told the Daily Camera on Tuesday.

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