John Thornton Arrested For Alleged Aggressive Mopping

Man Arrested For Alleged Aggressive Mopping

When John Thornton visited the Double Tree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut, on Monday night, he apparently did not like the mop job being done by a female employee.

So he allegedly grabbed the mop from the woman and began, in the words of the police report, “mopping aggressively.”

As a result, the Double Tree got a clean floor and Thornton was charged with breach of peace, according to Connecticut Patch.

Investigators said the 27-year-old employee was mopping the floor when Thornton, 30, somehow became “unruly” at the hotel, and grabbed the mop from the woman.

Thornton then began mopping, becoming more and more aggressive, to the point of mopping over the employee's shoes multiple times, reports.

The employee repeatedly asked Thornton to stop mopping, but he backed her into a corner, the Hartford Courant reports.

By the time police arrived, the victim was "shaken and crying," according to the New Haven Register.

She told the police she wished to press charges against Thornton.

Initially, Thornton was charged with breach of peace. However, while he was being transported, he allegedly shouted insults and expletives at the officers and also threatened bodily harm, resulting in a second charge of second-degree threatening, reports.

Thornton posted a $20,000 bond and will appear in Bristol Superior Court on Oct. 27.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to the suspect as Bristol in the last sentence.

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