John "Tobacco Checks" Boehner

The Republicans just selected John "Tobacco Checks" Boehner as their Majority Leader. He is supposed to lead their efforts at reform. Forget that he spent $150,000 buying the loyalty of fellow Congressmen before the vote. Forget that he was responsible for coordinating relations with lobbyists for Republicans during his tenure as House Republican Conference chairman. This guy once actually handed out checks on the House floor for votes.

This must seem like a ridiculous joke. But it isn't. John Boehner actually handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the floor of the House to fellow Congressmen in 1995 when they were considering a bill to end a tobacco subsidy.

How brazen are these guys? They just elected this guy to clean up the lobbying problems in the House. Are they kidding? Is this some sort of joke? I guess they're laughing at your expense. They think they're so clever. What do you think?