David Letterman Talks To John Travolta About How Awkward Robert De Niro Is (VIDEO)

John Travolta stopped by "Late Show" to chat about his upcoming movie with Robert De Niro, but all David Letterman wanted to talk about was how awkward De Niro was when Letterman finally got him on his show.

He said he'd been trying to get De Niro to come on for 30 years. Finally, he came on the show in 2010, but all he kept doing during his appearance was looking at his watch.

“He comes on like he’s a paid escort at a bad cocktail party," Letterman said. "It was awful!”

Travolta said that some people are just uncomfortable on talk shows. He went on to say that he and De Niro are good pals. They both know the challenges of having autistic children. This made Letterman feel bad, so he apologized and said he shouldn't have been "mouthing off."

Travolta and De Niro's upcoming movie, "Killing Season," opens in theaters on July 12. It's the first time the long-time friends have ever worked together on the big screen.

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