John Turman Is Not @BurningMan

One of the amazing things that has emerged since the dawning of the Internet is that truly funny people now have an easy outlet for being funny. But there is such a plethora of wit that sometimes a rare gem can slip through the cracks, or be accessible to only a select few. When that happens, it is the responsibility of the rest of us to take up the mantle and disseminate these droplets of brilliance on behalf of the shy, modest or tragically platformless.

I'm lucky enough to be friends, both FB and IRL, with the very talented screenwriter, John Turman, who this year has once again undertaken the long and arduous journey to not go to Burning Man. After realizing the selfishness of only enjoying this voyage for himself these past 29 years, John finally decided to share with his inner circle what the experience of not going to Burning Man is really like.

Be warned, the following may be eye- and soul-opening in a way that changes your life beyond what you are prepared for.

Or, you may just get a good laugh.

Behold the daily diary of one man's non-pilgrimage to the desert, aka: "What a short, normal trip it's been."









Thank you, John.

All I can say

This article originally appeared on Kinja.

John Turman can be followed @theTurman on Twitter. He doesn't post often, but when he does, it's always something delicious.

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