John Waters Explains The Difference Between 'Straight' And 'Beatnik' Gay People And Why He Hates Being 69

Legendary filmmaker and author John Waters dropped by HuffPost Live this week, where he discussed his preference for "beatnik, hipster" gay people over "straight gay" people, among other subjects.

The 69-year-old mastermind behind cult classic movies like "Hairspray" and "Pink Flamingos" said that it was more difficult to distinguish between heterosexual people and gay people "because kids today...they don't care. That's why gay bars are closing."

Waters, who is promoting his new book, Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America, said that he was ultimately "against separatism," noting, "I don't think you should ever just hang out with people exactly like you."

While he supports same-sex marriage, Waters doesn't see himself tying the knot time soon, and suggested that those unions were the aim of "straight gay" people.

"I like beatnik gay people," he quipped.

Later on, he poked fun at his age, noting, "What other number is a sex act?"