'Star Wars' Fans' Rendition Strikes A Chord With Composer John Williams

The Force is strong with these musicians.

As if “Star Wars” composer John Williams wasn’t already enough of a legend.

The five-times Academy Award winner further proved how great he is when two musicians began playing the “Star Wars” theme outside his Los Angeles home.

Instead of ignoring the tribute, the 84-year-old went outside to greet the duo and thank them.

Video going viral shows 13-year-old trumpeter Bryce Hayashi and lower flugelhorn player Michael Miller performing Williams’ famous soundtrack on the sidewalk.

Williams strolls outside soon after, shakes the pair’s hands and calls their interpretation “fantastic.”

The composer said he had to come out after the young musicians did such a good job of hitting the theme’s high notes.

“I started to listen and thought ‘Oh they’ll never make it,’ and they did it!” added Williams, who also composed scores for countless classic films, including the Indiana Jones series, “Jaws” and the first three Harry Potter movies.

Check it out in the clip above.