John Zippy, Subway 'Pervert,' Photographs Women's Legs On Trains (VIDEO)

A man who identifies himself as "John Zippy" is being called out for his rather creepy hobby documenting women riding the subway (usually focusing on their legs) by secretly photographing them for his blog.

According to The New York Post, Zippy has both a YouTube channel and blog named "New York Subway Girls" dedicated to the exploits, where he boastfully explains his female subjects, "usually don’t know what to do because they aren’t sure if they are just being paranoid.”

The covert photog has apparently snapped 102 females and uploaded 35 videos since February. He also titles each leggy post with descriptions that range from "Glamor Girl Short Skirt Bare Legs" to "Sexy Asian Girls."

Of Zippy's photography, one female straphanger said in the video above, "I would be outraged if someone posted a picture of me without my consent."

Even so, police say it's unlikely Zippy will face punishment because of the vagueness regarding what are "intimate" images.

Are Zippy's photographs the product of a misunderstood artist or is he simply a bonafide creep, reminiscent of lewd males taking upskirt photos of young women riding the train?

It's not like our male editors haven't looked at or the Tumblr New York Subway Guys to see if they were on it (they would love that, frankly). Regardless, sites of the kind are undeniably invasive whether the targets are male or female. Creepy? Yes, but does this make Zippy a "pervert"?

Let's just hope Zippy doesn't choose to take a picture of this woman.