Couple Stabs Neighbor With Rake After Loud Sex Complaints, Police Say

When Mark Galin of Rogersville, Tennessee, heard some loud noises coming from the apartment next door on June 9, he feared domestic abuse and called police.

It turns out that the couple in question wasn't quarreling -- they were having sex.

Later that night, 57-year-old Galin again called police to complain. This time, police determined that Galin's neighbors, Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and Erin Brooke Lawson, 32, had indeed been fighting, according to The Smoking Gun.

The couple reacted to Galin's calls with violence, and police responded to the house a third time to arrest them on assault charges, according to the Associated Press.

Lawson is accused of hitting Galin with a rake hard enough to break the handle and then stabbing him in the arm with the broken rake.

Cpl. Kenneth Ferguson of the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office told the Rogersville Review that there was "blood on the end of the rake handle that was recovered at the scene."

Galin told police that Richards also hit him with a 2-by-2 stick. Earlier that night, Lawson had allegedly used the weapon to hit Richards, the Kingsport Times-News reports.

Richards and Lawson were taken to the Hawkins County Jail and each charged with one count of aggravated assault. Lawson also received an additional assault charge related to hitting Richards with the 2x2 stick, according to the New York Daily News.

Police said Lawson was drunk at booking and hit her forehead when she fell.

Both suspects remain behind bars.

Richards has been arrested 45 times since 2001 on charges including burglary, theft, domestic assault, drug possession and public intoxication, according to the Associated Press. Lawson has been arrested 31 times on charges including drug trafficking, theft, domestic assault, stalking, and public intoxication.



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