Johnny Cash Looks Like He's Peeing From Water Tower After Silhouette Is Shot

The late country icon's birthplace of Kingsland, Arkansas, has a "Cash-flow" problem.

Johnny Cash is streaming a lot these days.

A silhouette of the late country legend appeared to pee from a water tower after someone fired a bullet into the mural’s groin. (Watch the video below.)

Fox 16 noted that the tower, in Cash’s birthplace of Kingsland, Arkansas, sprung its leak on May 10 and cost the city $200 in water everyday. Mayor Luke Neal said the $5,000 repair tab is steep for a town of its size (population 447, according to a road sign). The station quipped that it will put the civic budget in a ring of fire.

A suspect, Timothy Sled, 38, of the Kingsland area, was arrested, Chief Deputy Gary Young of the Cleveland County sheriff’s department told HuffPost on Wednesday. While Sled won’t likely be singing the “Folsom Prison Blues,” he is being charged with felony criminal mischief and impairing a vital public facility. Asked if Sled allegedly hit the strategic area on purpose with his high-powered rifle, Young replied, “It may have been a lucky shot.”

The repairs began Wednesday, Neal told HuffPost.

Thousands of gallons of wasted water is no joke, but a CBS affiliate cracked a few good ones about the problem. THV 11 wrote that the city had a “Cash-flow” problem and that the prank “walks the line” between comedy and vandalism.

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