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Johnny Depp's Bold Accessories On His 'Rum Diary' Press Tour (PHOTOS)

Don't get us wrong: we always notice Johnny Depp. But on the handsome actor's latest press run, doing premieres of his new movie "The Rum Diary," we've been spotting something different about Johnny, aside from the usual chiseled good looks: dude's been wearing tons of accessories.

Johnny's known for his cool glasses and colorful outfits; playing the braided, guyliner-ed Jack Sparrow probably wasn't too much of a stretch. But on this press round, Johnny's been working some things extra hard, like nail polish and that random shirt he always has hanging from his waistband.

Depp has already revealed a hidden talent for oil painting - perhaps he'll soon be adding "jewelry design" to his resume?

We rounded up some of the accessories JD's been wearing as he trots the glove with co-star Amber Heard to promote "The Rum Diary." See the gallery below.