Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervais Square Off In 'Life's Too Short' (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp Hilariously Attacks Ricky Gervais For Golden Globes Diss

Finally, Johnny Depp has his revenge for the shots Ricky Gervais took at him and his film "The Tourist" at last winter's Golden Globes. Of course, Gervais is really the one who benefits, so don't feel too sorry for the cheeky Brit.

Passive-aggressive is the most gentle way to describe the attack the "Rum Diary" star lays into on Gervais in this new clip from Gervais' upcoming new comedy series, "Life's Too Short." Depp guest stars in the show, which stars Warwick Davis as the head of a talent agency for little people, and he makes sure to rub his massive success in the face of the Emmy-winner, who plays a recurring character in the series.

He also was able to get in a defense of "Last Man Standing" star Tim Allen, at whom Gervais also took a shot at the awards show.

"I want you to know this and I want you to carry this with you for the rest of your days," Depp warns. "No one makes fun of Tim Allen on my watch and gets away with it."

After tweeting the clip, Gervais added in a second post, "In fact, Johnny Depp was so offended by my Golden Globes jokes that he helped me shove a dwarf down a toilet," and included a link to a photo, which you can see by clicking here.

By the way, the film Depp mentioned that he was filming in the clip is "Dark Shadows," a big screen adaptation of the old horror-soap opera that is being directed by Tim Burton.


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