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Johnny Depp Reveals Artistic Hobbies

We know the talented Mr. Depp for his eccentric caricatures, flamboyant swagger and uncanny ability to rock eyeliner. But in the vein of Hollywood boys growing into Renaissance men, Depp has revealed a couple other secret passions he had hidden up his sleeve.

For one, Willy Wonka knows how to shred. He "can play any instrument," according to 'The Rum Diaries' director Bruce Robinson. He and Keith Richards took the stage together at a 'Playboy' after party. According to an eyewitness, "Johnny was on guitar and Keith was on guitar and vocals for a 6 minute set."

But the real shocker is Depp's hidden talent for oil painting. His style mixes Matisse's bold palette with Tim Burton's eerie aesthetic. You can check out some of his works here. His subjects range from self-portraits to portraits of Keith Richards. (We are beginning to sense a pattern here.)

Is Richards Depp's muse? Or does he owe his accomplishments to another kind of inspiration? As Depp said of Richards and himself, "both of us are very fond of red wine." The question is, with all of his alter-egos, when does Johnny have any time to drink it?