Johnny Manziel Ruptured His Ex's Eardrum In Fight: Lawyer

Dallas Police have reopened their investigation into Manziel.

Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend still cannot hear out of her left ear, more than a week after the embattled Cleveland Browns quarterback allegedly struck her in the head, her lawyer said. 

"They expect [her ear] to heal but it'll take a while," Kathy Kinser, the woman's lawyer, told TV-station KXAS on Monday. Kinser said Manziel's alleged assault ruptured her 23-year-old client's eardrum.

Police in Dallas, Texas, reversed course on Friday announcing that they're relaunching their investigation into what happened between Manziel, 23, and his ex-girlfriend. The turnaround came only one day after they declined to file charges against Manziel. Fort Worth police had also said Manziel wouldn't be charged. 

The renewed possibility of arrest stems from Manziel's Jan. 30 fight with his ex-girlfriend. She told law enforcement that he hit her several times after they began arguing in his Dallas hotel room about another woman. The fight continued as Manziel drove her home to Fort Worth. 

During the argument, Manziel also talked about killing himself and his ex-girlfriend, she said in an affidavit to get a restraining order.

Story continues below the affidavit.

Manziel has denied the allegations, telling TMZ that "it didn't happen," and that he's "completely stable."

A judge last week ordered that Manziel have no contact with his ex-girlfriend for two years.

They had been a couple for two years and lived together in Cleveland for four months until their December breakup, the ex-girlfriend said in her affidavit.

Days after the fight, Manziel's father said he worried that his son might die before his next birthday. His father said that Manziel twice refused to enter a rehab program in the days after the altercation. He's previously completed treatment at an alcohol and substance abuse center

Manziel's career appears to be in free fall. His agent last week cut ties with the second-year pro, while an official in the Browns' front office said Manziel's trouble "undermines the hard work of his teammates and the reputation of our organization." ESPN has reported that he will be released in March

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