Johnny Manziel Thrown Out Of Frat Party At University Of Texas (VIDEO)

It's no secret that the University of Texas and Texas A&M are bitter rivals. That much was demonstrated in a video of A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel getting tossed out of a fraternity party at UT over the weekend.

According to Texas Longhorns blog Burt Orange Nation, the UT frat gently asked the Heisman winner to leave by tossing a beer can in his direction and yelling expletives. (He's wearing the pink shirt in the video above.)

The incident did not seem to ruin the weekend for Manziel, who arrived at another Austin party Saturday and appeared to take a jab at Heisman recipient Tim Tebow by wearing his jersey.

The festive weekend is the latest incident of Manziel acting out this summer -- most notably for reportedly getting asked to leave the Mannings' football camp for being hungover. While Manziel later denied the allegations, telling reporters at the Southeastern Conference that he "overslept" and that his decision to leave was "mutual," some have wondered whether Manziel's summertime antics will hurt him during the season.

As National Football Post writer Joe Fortenbaugh notes:

If Manziel’s numbers slip and Texas A&M has an issue putting notches in the win column, the quarterback’s offseason, off-the-field endeavors will quickly become talking point No. 1 as to why the Aggies are failing to meet expectations. As Manziel goes, so go the Aggies. And if Manziel goes cold, the critics will pounce, pointing to the quarterback’s 2013 offseason as the primary culprit.

It seems we'll just have to wait for the first few games in the fall to see if Manziel's lively summer affects his performance.



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