Johnny Weir Giving Up Fashion Week "Would Be Like Him Giving Up Water"

Johnny Weir caused quite the costume controversy before the winter Olympics due to the fur attached to his outfit's collar, but the skater isn't done making fashion statements. According to WWD, Weir hopes to launch a full fashion range and even open stores.

Weir's costume designer Stephanie Handler said that Weir has "been wanting to design since he began to skate. He loves fashion and clothes and all that stuff. I'm sure he will wait until the Olympics are over and then he will get down to business....He brings in sketches to me and I work with him to clarify things. He's really into choosing everything all the way down to the last details."

So how is Weir coping with missing New York Fashion Week due to the Games? Is he watching the runway coverage in his spare time?

"I imagine he is. That would be like him giving up water," Handler said.