Johnny Weir Was Unfaithful, Cruel And Forced Me Out Of The Closet, Estranged Husband Claims

In the latest twist in what's quickly becoming an ugly divorce case, Victor Voronov claims husband Johnny Weir was unfaithful and demanding during the couple's two-year marriage.

According to a series of legal documents cited by TMZ, the 29-year-old Olympic figure skater allegedly "committed multiple acts of adultery, including having sex with a Chicago club owner and sexting with a porn star."

Interestingly, Voronov claims that Weir forced him to come out of the closet, even though he was living life as "a heterosexual man" and "struggling with his identity" prior to the relationship, according to the TMZ report.

"[Weir] is attempting to rewrite history to paint me in a bad light and to deflect attention away from his own wrongdoing," Voronov is cited by E! Online as saying in the documents. "He has done the same thing in the media, embarking on a publicity frenzy to demonize me with the intent to further increase his already profitable celebrity status and goodwill."

In addition, Voronov claims Weir removed numerous luxury items, including "Crocodile Celine Bag, 40 Balencia Bags, 20 Furs (including a $125,000 Sable)" and a "Cartier Calibre Rose Gold Watch" from the couple's home in hopes of selling them for money, as well as their dog Tëma.

Voronov's attorney, Susan Reach Winters, told People magazine that her client "gave up his job for the marriage and moved to New Jersey at Johnny's request," and does not have any income, assets or resources as a result.

"They had very traditional roles -- Victor supported Johnny in his career and here is Victor, getting the rug pulled out from him," Winters told the publication.

Weir seemingly denied many of Voronov's claims in an Access Hollywood interview last week, shortly after announcing the split on Twitter.

"I was losing myself by being married to my husband," he said at the time. "I was losing my objectives in life. I was very isolated from the world ... I was supporting two people, and whether it seems like a big deal or not, I come from a lower middle class family that has to work no matter what."



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