Joie de Vivre – Going the Way of the Dodo?

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Joy in life comes from living your life purpose.

<p>Dodo Bird</p>

Dodo Bird

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My Purpose in Life is to be Exactly Who I Am.

I am stating the phrase in the first person because I want you to hear it and feel it from the center of your being.There are ten themes in my book “Exhilarated Life”. I call them Ten Life Altering Truths. These are the discoveries I made as I applied the wisdom and advice I gleaned from countless books, courses and workshops on personal growth and self-development. My studies ranged from ancient to current; spiritual, psychological, philosophical to physiological. Yes the body is intrinsic to the wholeness of our life experience and information processing – but more of that later.

These are not my truths but Life Truths. If you live by them you will come to understand they are undeniable and see your life shift into alignment. I promise you that.

I also know from experience that your mind will leap in to offer all sorts of reasons why each statement is utter nonsense and even provide the “proof” to show you so.

So, back to your life purpose. You might think that your life purpose is to be a doctor or save the whales, but that is only the outward expression of the essential purpose for your existence. Achieving a ranking in the world may offer a sense of accomplishment and activism may give you a sense of gratification, but I am talking about a state that infuses all you do with joy.

Joy is a word that doesn’t get a lot of airtime other than at Christmas. It seems to be going the way of the Dodo bird – extinction. But joy to just be alive should be as close to us as our breath and as endemic as our blood. This is a world full of beauty and we are walking miracles.

Get real, you say? I told you your mind would kick up a fuss. Stay with me for a bit and lets just dip a toe in these deep waters.

Most of us are unhappy because we are doing things not because we want to but because we have to. Right. And you have a list I bet of exactly why you have to. Kids, a mortgage, age. And maybe right now you do have to do what you are doing. For a bit longer anyway because at the moment you are where you are.

You got yourself here and only you can get yourself out. This is not a time to ask for permission or even other people’s opinions. This is a time for you and you alone to drop down into your deepest self – into your heart - and listen. What do you love? What gives you pleasure? What makes time fly by or linger because you are the moment?

If you can’t answer any of these questions then stay inside a little longer. Maybe go back to when you were little and see what the little you has to say. What did you love to do before you were told you couldn’t do it? And who said you couldn’t do it? Often when you begin to explore within, you will find that the original voice has been replaced by your own, denying yourself the very things that would give your life meaning.

Somewhere in there is the poet, musician, artist, scientist or doctor in an endless list of possibilities. It’s not what you did playing make believe but in the essence of what you loved. Were you mesmerized by a fat snail bouncing on the delicate head of Queen Anne’s lace and want to describe it in words? Did you endlessly hum unknown melodies and explore the strings on a guitar? Did you want to arrange little torn up bits of coloured paper into wonderful mosaics just because the swirl of colours pleased you? Did you lie on your stomach fascinated by the trail of ants along the ground? Did you gently hold a fallen bird and put a splint on its wing and protect it until it was healed?

When you start exploring you’ll discover your spirit has left you a trail. You can count on it. Can you feel into your being to know who you are? If you can and if you can bring that sensibility into this moment even in a tiny way, you are launching yourself into your true purpose. What you do in life as a profession is not as material to your joy as allowing your essence to freely be expressed in whatever you do. You can be who you are even in a job you ‘have’ to do to pay the mortgage. This is the freedom that no one can take away from you. It is the difference between existing and living.

In time as you nurture your own joyful impulses to be exactly who you are, you will see changes in your life that will lead you into more authentic outer expressions of who you are. You might get promoted because you become more enthusiastic in your work. You may go back to school and get a degree, trade or craft. You may write the next Harry Potter on your coffee breaks. Instead of going to the beach on your next vacation, you might volunteer to build a school or dig a well in Africa.

Your purpose in life is to be exactly who you are. When you know it and live that – or enjoy the adventure of finding out – you’ll discover that joie de vivre is your sole/soul purpose in life.



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