Joie de Vivre: How to Find It and Keep It!

Joie de Vivre: How to Find It and Keep It!
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Joie de what? In French, joie de vivre translates to the "joy of living". Its the delight of being alive. Heck, this is one of the most sought after qualities/feelings. Merriam-Webster defines it as "a feeling of happiness or excitement about life." Even the richest, most successful people continue to desire and seek out joie de vivre... true enjoyment of life and all that it has to offer.

So what really comprises "joie de vivre"? Is it happiness? Is it bliss? Is it mindful living? Is it carefree lifestyle?

For those wise enough to understand, joie de vivre constitutes the art of living... really, truly living life, embracing it fully. Whether you call it living in the moment, or self fulfillment, joie de vivre is a quality and a feeling we can all learn to acquire.

As a wellness passionista, my tagline is Live Life Passionately! Why should you? Because no. 1, it's certainly much more fun and #2 it actually does wonders for your wellness and wellbeing. This doesn't mean to go crazy, party like a rock star or indulge in risk taking behavior. No, no, no!

It means to acknowledge life's ups and downs and take life in stride. It means to appreciate all the small things which might normally go unnoticed. It means to be grateful for everything you DO have instead of wanting the next best thing. It means don't stress over things you can't control/change. It means make good choices which bring you joy and allow your soul to expand. It means choose to NOT struggle.

It means allow yourself permission to explore, discover and experience new things and people. It means embrace all of life and know that the universe (ok, we're going to get spiritual here) truly coincides with your innermost desires. So, desire and thrive on goodness, good intentions for all, creating a better world for all people. Yep, its all about the passion behind your human existence. And when you begin to acquire that joie de vivre feeling, you start to truly feel good about our life and life in general. And that breeds better wellbeing. A total WIN!

This is wonderful you may say. And you want joie de vivre, but reality says you have a 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. job five days a week, a mortgage to pay, plus three (3) kids and a spouse to support, your day job isn't wonderfully fulfilling and your free time is rarely free. Joie de what? Seriously?

But you're missing the message here: Even the financially richest, most successful people continue to desire and seek out joie de vivre...true enjoyment of life and all that it has to offer. So attainment of joie de vivre is not dependent upon your level of success or your socio-economic status. Its about your attitude and your perception of life events. Its about understanding your purpose, getting comfy with it and practicing it.

And once you figure out just how to ATTAIN it, then how do you MAINtain it? How do you keep the joie de vivre mindset? How do you stay immersed in it to continually revel in it?

Here again, spirituality leaves its footprints.

Being "in spirit" is akin to having that joie de vivre. Being settled, grounded, purposeful, intentful and mindful will sooner than later teach you the joys of living. It will come organically. So to maintain it, you must continually choose to think, act, do, and behave in ways of your spirit, your essence. This may mean letting go of old conditioning and being a bit vulnerable.

It may also mean to continually view your life as a small, but very meaningful part of a much bigger picture. It will mean understanding and accepting your "being" as an integral part of an interconnected, carefully patterned yet ever changing bowl of cosmic soup. You are indeed a unique and special soul in collective consciousness! (Tweetable!)

So take heed! The next time you see that smiling, laughing, happy, carefree gal or guy, know that you can feel the same. Joie de vivre is just a thought or two away....( a sweet Tweetable!)

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