Join HuffPost Comedy For 'Cargo Shorts Awareness Half-Week' #YesCargo

Comedians like Judd Apatow, Dane Cook and Jen Kirkman weigh in.

With so many injustices in the world, it’s easy for the powerless to fall through the cracks.

Few are more vulnerable to judgment than those in the cargo short community. Pocket aficionados find themselves ridiculed for their interest in these storage wearables, and it’s time this intolerance came to an end.

It’s with great excitement that we announce the first and last annual Cargo Shorts Awareness Half-week. An abbreviated week for an abbreviated garb. Also, we just couldn’t get the funding.

Starting Sept. 19th, HuffPost Comedy and The Other Stuff will be spearheading an initiative to raise awareness about the issues surrounding our excessively pocketed brothers and sisters.

Join us for PSAs, testimonials from comedians like Judd Apatow, Dane Cook and Jen Kirkman, and a look at what the future holds for the wearers of cargo shorts.

They carry so much. But who’s going to carry them?



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