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Join me in helping Bread for the World this Giving Tuesday

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In the last few days, 1,268 of you have responded to my annual Christmas challenge. (Help Bread for the World with your gift of $100 or more and I'll match your donations to a total of up to $250,000.) Together, you've raised $164,061. With my match, we've empowered Bread for the World to speak up for hungry people in congress with over $330,000! Thank you! Every penny of this will be put to work for this timely and powerful mission.

But we're not finished yet! This total is
about what we raised last Christmas. This year -- with troubling news of refugees and terrorism so prevalent -- I've raised the bar and upped my challenge match to $250,000. Sure, that's a lot of money. And because I understand what it will do, I'm thrilled to give it. (I'd just like a little company.)

Supporting the work of Bread for the World is one of the most effective ways we can help stabilize our world. There's still plenty of time to join and give a little extra meaning to this beautiful season.

Today is "Giving Tuesday" and there are plenty of great opportunities to be generous and make a difference. This initiative leverages your hard-earned charitable dollar powerfully for these reasons:

- It's advocacy. (I love advocacy.) Every dollar given ends up generating $100 in helpful developmental aid and more compassionate trade policies via our government.

- I'll match it. It's very simple: you give $100 and Bread for the World gets $200.

- I'm sending cool thank you gifts (on my dime) to all who help. Your choice: our three Christmas gifts (DVD, CD, and book) or our 100 episodes DVD boxed set with all my travel shows (great for the traveler on your Christmas gift list).

- And, this fits the thoughtful travelers' perspective - by working to build bridges rather than walls we can help stabilize our world and fight both terrorism and the root causes of the refugee crisis.

Go to for details and to get on board -- and please share this challenge with your loved ones. Imagine, as an extended family of caring (and traveling) people, together we can empower Bread for the World's work with $500,000.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!