Join Robert Redford in Supporting ProPublica

Holiday time is the season for giving of all sorts -- including supporting organizations and causes that make a difference. We hope that, as the end of the year approaches, you'll consider a tax-deductible donation to ProPublica.

There are lots of ways we could have phrased this request, but we thought it might be most compelling to let someone else do the talking. Robert Redford is, of course, a noted civic activist, social entrepreneur and film maker. But he remains best known as an actor -- and to those in our business, investigative reporting, especially so for his role in recreating the most significant investigative journalism work of modern times in "All the President's Men," the tale of how the Washington Post cracked the Watergate story. Watch Redford talk about ProPublica:

Having done that, please donate today. And please share this post and video with others who care about such important work. Thank you.

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