JoJo's 'Leave (Get Out)' Remix For Coronavirus Is The Educational Bop We Needed

The pop star switched the lyrics to her hit 2004 song to address the COVID-19 pandemic and it's extremely catchy.

JoJo just dropped a remix of “Leave (Get Out)” that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would most definitely get behind.

The 29-year-old singer shared a modified version of her 2004 debut single on Wednesday, now warning about the dangers of the coronavirus and how everyone should stay home to slow the pandemic’s spread.

“I never thought corona / Could be such a nasty bitch / Now that she’s here, boy, all I want is for you to use common sense,” croons JoJo on TikTok.

Her modified chorus goes: “Stay in, right now, do it for humanity / I’m deadass about that, but we will survive / So, you gon’ learn how to cook now and practice good hygiene / I know you’re bored and want to fuck around, but not on me.”

JoJo also provides the beat using her fists on a table.

In addition to imploring people to stay in, JoJo calls out those who aren’t adhering to the social distancing guidance from the CDC: “Tell me why you’re acting so confused / When the CDC laid it out for you / C’mon, I know you’re not dumb / To go behind my back and hit the bar / Shows how immature you really are / Keep exposure to a minimum.”

We stan an informative pop star.

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