JoJo Is Back With A Perfect 'Tringle' Of Songs

She's exactly what the pop world's been missing.

It's been almost a full decade since her last album, but JoJo, who we grew to love as the sassy 13-year-old singer who penned one of the most perfect breakup anthems of the early 2000s, is finally back. 

The "Leave (Get Out)" singer is getting ready to release a new album under Atlantic Records (she split from Blackground in 2014 after a very messy legal battle), but since she clearly knows how much we've all missed her, she decided to bless us with a "tringle" (three new singles) on Thursday. We've been anticipating new music from the Boston-born singer since we realized she was all grown up, and now we finally have a glimpse of the greatness to come. (Side note: Yes, we're aware she's released two mixtapes and an EP since her last album.)

The first new track, "Say Love," is a powerful R&B ballad produced by Harmony Samuels, in which JoJo shows off her impressive vocal range. Then, there's "Save My Soul," another ballad with a whole lot of emotion going on and a very catchy chorus and hook. Lastly, there's "When Love Hurts," a dance-y house-meets-EDM track that's sure to be every club-goer's next jam.  

You can listen to all the tracks below: 

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