JoJo's Redemption At Love, Predictions For The Bachelorette


The Bachelorette premieres in a week and our girl, JoJo, gets her redemption at love. With any luck she will have multiple men telling her they love her and she'll get to be the belle of the ball this time sending all but one home, who will then have to propose to her. I'll be honest I've been watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for a long time. I get invested almost every season, only to wallow in their pain, cringe when they do something dumb and yes, laugh at most of it! I'm already thinking through what charcuterie and cheese I plan to have with a bottle of wine for the premiere.

I use Sage to keep up with my Bachelor predictions so I gathered other Sage users' predictions for The Bachelorette to kick off the season. It's really easy to agree or disagree with predictions, make your own picks for the season and you'll get reminders when you need to close your prediction, or if someone closed a prediction you voted on. Sage makes keeping up with your Bachelor bets or brackets a lot easier and more fun because you can interact with your friends on Sage, use original hashtags for just your group, and easily sort through your predictions!

You have a week to analyze the men, here's our predictions after thorough research and development. Check back each week for predictions on the episodes, bracket bonus points and commentary on JoJo's men!