Joleen Baughman's ORGASMS: Woman Constantly Aroused After Car Accident

Joleen Baughman is lucky to be alive after injuring her spine in a head-on car crash two years ago. The 39-year-old mother-of-two from New Mexico recovered at home for six months before realizing that something was a little off: she was persistently turned on.

"I started getting these intense sexual urges," Baughman explained in the Telegraph UK. "They would come out of nowhere and completely engulf me. It would last for most of the day. I was really shocked because normally I have practically no sex drive at all."

This all sounds like it might have been fun for a while, but it was ultimately embarrassing and very painful.

"We would have sex once and I would feel no release at all. So we would go again and then it would start really hurting but I would still want sex, even more than before. If my husband managed to go for a third time it would be agony but I would still feel no release."

Baughman sought medical help and learned that due to damaged to a pelvic nerve, she was experiencing restless genital syndrome, or persistent sexual arousal syndrome. Dr. Sandra Leiblum first defined the condition in 2001 as "intense feelings of genital congestion and sensations that are typically unaccompanied by any conscious awareness of sexual desire" in an article published for the Women's Sexual Health Foundation in Cincinnati.

The symptoms can be reduced by the use of antidepressants, antiandrogenic agents and anaesthetising gels or with surgery. There's no word yet on Baughman's course of treatment.

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