Jon Benjamin Has Only Spoken In British Accent To His 9-Year-Old Son (VIDEO)

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Even though a series called the VICE Guide to Parenting seems like a can't-miss virtual roadmap for child rearing, the most recent episode revealed that Jon Benjamin has been playing a prank on his son... for nine years.

The comedian is known for his practical jokes, but this one takes the cake (although the prank probably isn't real). Benjamin explains that he's been speaking to his son exclusively in a British accent since he was a small child, and his son has no idea that his dad isn't British.

"He likes sports like squash and cricket," says Judah Benjamin in the video. "And he calls an umbrella a 'bumbershoot.'"

Benjamin is known to blur the line between reality and scripted comedy. His last show to do this, the funny-but-canceled "Jon Benjamin Has a Van," can be seen in its entirety on Netflix Instant. He also stars as the voice of the title characters on the animated shows "Archer" and "Bob's Burgers."

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