Jon Bon Jovi Singing Ballad In Chinese Does NOT Give Love A Bad Name

You probably know Jon Bon Jovi as the larger-than-life rock star whose vocals have filled stadiums. But we betcha didn't know he's actually pretty darn good at Chinese, too. 

(Or at least singing in Chinese).

Yes, the 53-year-old artist sang Teresa Teng's popular ballad, "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin," or "The Moon Represents My Heart." The singer, who recorded the song for Chinese Valentine's Day -- which took place last week -- manages to sing it beautifully in Mandarin, while somehow maintaining his very recognizable Bon Jovi flair. 

Listen to the artist get in touch with his softer side and sing an emotional rendition of the song. Then, notice that your jaw has probably dropped to the floor because you were unaware he was capable of singing in Chinese. 

Seriously, what can't he do? 


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