'Crazy Rich Asians' Cast, Director Bought Out Theaters For 'The Farewell'

The cast and director made the move as part of the #GoldOpen movement, which aims to ensure opening weekend success for films with casts of color.

Asians are lifting one another up in Hollywood.

The cast of “Crazy Rich Asians,” as well as the film’s director Jon M. Chu, bought out theaters so fans can watch “The Farewell,” another groundbreaking movie for Asian representation in Hollywood.

Chu announced on Thursday that he’s bought out a theater in New York City.

“Crazy Rich Asians” cast members, meanwhile, bought out a venue for a Sunday showing in Los Angeles.

“The Farewell,” which stars Awkwafina as struggling artist Billi, follows her Chinese family’s ruse to keep her grandmother’s stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis a secret from Nai Nai herself.

The film’s director, Lulu Wang — who based the movie on her own life — was clearly moved by Chu’s actions and tweeted a message of gratitude.

Chu and his cast, whose own film has been widely praised for its cultural impact, bought out the theaters as part of the #GoldOpen movement. The initiative helps facilitate theater buyouts and social media campaigns to ensure opening weekend success for films and shows featuring people of color.

“The Farewell” has already enjoyed quite a bit of success. The film holds the box office record for best per-screen-average of 2019, drawing in $351,330 when it opened in four theaters between NYC and Los Angeles, according to Variety.

The film is now gradually reaching more theaters in the country before its nationwide launch in August.

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