Jon Cozart Interview: 'After Ever After' Viral Video Sensation Talks To HuffPost Live

What happens after happily ever after? Jon Cozart knows, and thanks to him, now so do we.

Cozart, the creator of the viral video 'After Ever After' which spoofs the classic songs from Disney films, talked to HuffPost Live Thursday about his masterpiece. He told host Jacob Soboroff how he went about making the video and how long it took him. While Cozart admitted that he's lip-synching on the finished product, the parts in all four frames are his voice, and he filmed each part in one take.

Jacob predicted Thursday that the video would "go extremely viral" (as of Friday morning, HuffPost Comedy's writeup was the most viewed entry on the site), to which Cozart replied "I'm talking to the Huffington Post right now, so I did something right."

Watch the interview with Cozart above and check out the full "After Ever After" video here.



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