Jon Glaser Spends '7 Minutes In Heaven' With Mike O'Brien (VIDEO)

For the latest episode of "7 Minutes in Heaven," Mike O'Brien was joined in the closet by comedian and "Delocated" star Jon Glaser.

Glaser broke all kinds of boundaries in his interview -- he's not only the first guest to bring a sandwich into the closet, he's also the first one to turn the tables and try to kiss O'Brien within the first minute of being in there. This is groundbreaking stuff.

The silliness didn't stop the guys from covering real topics, though. They talked dads, kissing Darth Vader and what to name Glaser's armpit hair during their time together.

Watch the full clip above, and let us know in the comments if you'd support "It's So Hard on a Bro" being released as an mp3 (it can't be just us, right?).

Also, you can check out a ton of previous "7 Minutes" episodes here.

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