Jon Hamm Isn't Surprised He Lost That '90s Dating Show

Earlier in the week, the Internet blessed us with the amazing video of a 25-year-old Jon Hamm losing on a dating game show.

While it may seem shocking now that the "Mad Men" star wasn't picked, he did have a terrible '90s bowl cut and found things far too "fabulous" for any woman to handle. Even Hamm himself isn't surprised that he wasn't chosen on the show.

Appearing on Craig Ferguson's "The Late Late Show," Hamm admitted that he's glad he lost. "Would you have picked me?!" Hamm asked, after Ferguson ran a clip for the audience. "And that's how I met your mother!" he said.

The actor says he still gives his partner of 16 years foot massages, as he proposed to do for the woman on the dating show, and that he made sure she knew about his game show appearance back in the day. "I told her about that years and years ago," he said. "She may have put it out of her mind."

Sorry, that fabulous middle part in Hamm's hair is seared in our minds.

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Jon Hamm was married and has since been updated.



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