Did Jon Hamm Audition For 'Dawson's Creek'? (VIDEO)

On Katie Couric’s show "Katie" on Monday, Couric noted that Jon Hamm came to Hollywood during the mid-'90s, a time she called the “Dawson’s Creek” era, when many big time shows were focused on teenagers.

Couric teased that the time period was tough on Hamm because of his mature look. But Hamm replied with an anecdote that showed just how close he came to actually landing a role on "Dawson's Creek."

"I was in the wrong rooms when I first got to L.A., because I would go and they would want me to play, like, James Van Der Beek's dad," Hamm joked. "And I was like, I think he's older than me, or like, two years younger or something."

So did Jon Hamm actually audition to play hunky TV dad Mitch Leery? Hamm does bear a square-jawed resemblance to actor John Wesley Ship. It's probably for the best he didn't get the role, because it might have been hard to take Don Draper seriously after seeing him in Capeside.

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