Jon Hamm Tells Ellen DeGeneres About His TV Debut As 'Gorgeous Guy At Bar'

“Everything starts with one step, and that was the first one,” the "Mad Men" star said of the non-speaking role.

For Jon Hamm, the road to Hollywood stardom had a few detours.

Hamm made his TV debut as “gorgeous guy at bar” on “Ally McBeal” in 1997, he said Tuesday during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“Everything starts with one step, and that was the first one,” Hamm recalled of the non-speaking role. “I took it in stride. ... I eventually got a job and I eventually got to talk in front of a camera and I eventually got to talk more and in repeated episodes.”

“Moving from St. Louis to L.A. is jumping into a very deep, very scary pool and it’s difficult, but it’s exciting,” he said.

Hamm was on the talk show to promote his new comedy, “Tag.” Jeremy Renner and Hannibal Buress co-star in the film, which is loosely based on a real-life group of friends who have “been playing the same game of tag for 30 years,” according to the official trailer.

Renner broke both of his arms “at the same time” early in the movie’s production, Hamm said. The “Mad Men” star finished filming without any physical injuries, but said his pride took a hit.

“I realized that running around for longer than 30 seconds would feel like I’m having a heart attack,” he said.

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