Jon Hamm Gives Advice To Teenage Girls (VIDEO)

If anyone is qualified to advise teenage girls about love, it's a 41-year-old man, famous for his sensitivity, insanely good looks and his very own meme. In a hilarious four-minute video, "Mad Men" star and Internet comedian Jon Hamm answers young women's most pressing questions. Not only does Jon address their inquiries about whether it's OK to fart in front of a guy and whether boys care about the way a girl dresses (answers: yes, and not particularly) but he also offers his young female fans inspirational phrases like "the world is your oyster." If you're a teen girl trying to decode your new BF's behavior, or you just want to see the man behind Draper express his more sensitive side ("I'm sure you're a lovely person, Britney"), check out the video above from Rookie Mag.