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Jon Hamm Has A Serious White Powder Makeup Disaster (PHOTOS)

Jon, we don't mind getting very close to you if you need us to fix that.

Here at HuffPost Style, we sometimes get a little frustrated with covering the wardrobe fails of various female celebrities, i.e., someone slipping a pastie or two or wearing frightfully dark lipstick. Don't the men ever screw up?

Guess what? Oh, yes. Yes, they do.

Walking chiseled jawline Jon Hamm, 41, strutted his Don Draper stuff down the red carpet at a Paley Center reception on Monday looking typically dapper. (Who else can pull off a PLAID suit with aplomb?) But unfortunately, no sexy secretary was around to tell the "Mad Men" actor that he was having a serious white powder overdose on the bridge of his nose.

We're guessing that the Hamm fell victim to the same Makeup Forever HD powder mistake that similarly befell the likes of Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Eva Longoria and Ashley Judd. Still, an intrepid red carpet reporter should have tipped the guy off, no?

After realizing the mistake, the excess powder apologized profusely to Hamm and slinked away, embarrassed.


jon hamm

jon hamm

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