Jon Hamm, 'Mad Men' Star, Steps Out In Clingy Pants

Jon Hamm's Big Problem

Once again, a "Mad Men" star's anatomy is getting attention, but this time it isn’t Christina Hendricks. It’s the show's leading man, Jon Hamm. And it’s not the first time the actor has been caught without underwear and in very clingy pants.

“He doesn’t know this, but we used to have to airbrush it out of pics sometimes,” a show insider tells me. “Jon is a big boy but sometimes it can be distracting.”

Last week, revealing photos of Jon were taken while he was shopping in New York City -- presumably not for underpants -- with his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. This was not the first time pictures of the actor’s privates have been on display.

There has been so much buzz that Gawker even ran a “photographic investigation” on Jon’s package in 2010.

“Jon likes to be comfortable and doesn’t focus on any of this attention,” a friend of his tells me. “He considers himself an actor, not a celebrity and is very guarded about the details of his private life.”

Well, clearly not every detail.


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