Jon Hamm & Reggie Watts Sing About 'Taxi' In 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Webisode (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Hamm Improvises Song About '70s Sitcom

Don Draper may not "get" the Beatles, but Jon Hamm is so well-versed in retro pop culture that he can make up songs about '70s sitcoms on the spot. In the first episode of this online-only exclusive from the upcoming IFC show "Comedy Bang! Bang!", Hamm is accompanied by Reggie Watts as he sing-speaks an ode to "Taxi."

Hamm is one of the many comedy and comedy-adjacent celebrities to appear as a guest on "Bang! Bang!", the new twisted talk show that premieres on IFC on Friday, June 8. He previously made five appearances on the podcast version of "Bang! Bang!", from which the TV show is adapted.

IFC will release weekly episodes of "Reggie Makes Music," in which "Bang! Bang!" bandleader Reggie Watts makes up songs on the spot with the celebrity guests of the show. Watts also has a new live CD and DVD coming out this month.

Check out the above video to see Hamm exhaust all his knowledge about the sitcom in song, which features an especially spot-on impersonation of Christopher Lloyd's character Reverend Jim Ignatowski.

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