Jon Hamm To Undergo Throat Surgery To Remove Polyp

Jon Hamm To Undergo Throat Surgery

His performance as the perpetually smoking Don Draper brought him an Emmy nod, but it looks like the rasp in Jon Hamm's voice isn't just due to method acting. The 42-year-old actor is set to undergo throat surgery next week after coughing up blood recently, according to multiple reports.

A rep for the actor confirmed to The Huffington Post that Hamm would be having surgery, calling it a "routine outpatient procedure to remove a single polyp from his throat." Previous reports suggested that Hamm was to remove two, not one, polyps (abnormal tissue) from the region.

Meanwhile, a report in Life & Style magazine claims the surgery news is not new for Hamm's "Mad Men" cast mates. "January Jones was talking about [Hamm's throat surgery] at the Governors Ball after party last night," a source for the publication said.

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