Jon Huntsman Daughters On 'Hannity': GOP Candidate's Daughters Discuss Twitter, Herman Cain Ad Spoof (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Huntsman's Daughters Discuss Herman Cain Ad Spoof On 'Hannity'

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, along with his daughters Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne, appeared Thursday night on Fox News' "Hannity." Huntsman's daughters have become celebrities in their own right, notably through the tweets sent out through their Twitter account @Jon2012girls and a video the three made spoofing Herman Cain's now-famous smoking ad.

During the interview, Sean Hannity brought up the Twitter account run by the GOP contender's daughters. The former Utah governor explained that initially he was concerned when he found out his daughters were tweeting. "The only thing that comes out of Twitter are typically things that embarrass the old man," said Huntsman.

The New Yorker is out with a new profile on Huntsman's daughters which gives some background on the @Jon2012girls Twitter account:

Last Wednesday, the sisters met for drinks (Pinot Gris for Abby and Mary Anne, iced tea for Liddy) at the Tabard Inn, in Washington, to discuss their online adventures. It all started earlier this year, when Liddy's Twitter account was discovered by a blogger, and then, suddenly, by hundreds of political reporters. She recalled, "I'm, like, 'Whoa, Dad, I must have said something funny, because I have all these new followers.' He said, 'You better get off this right now.' " Liddy, who had just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, added, a little sheepishly, "I did not have campaign-appropriate stuff up." With that account deactivated, she and her sisters launched a more politically correct venture.

Hannity brought up the Twitter account and the fact that Liddy would someday like to be on "Saturday Night Live." Liddy explained, "I live in just a humorous world as you can see from our tweets and some of our videos."

A dig at Huntsman's rival Mitt Romney was probably the daughters' most well-known tweet. They tweeted: "How does Romney know anything about China? He's only been there once and that was for the Olympics. Panda express doesn't count."

Hannity also asked Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne about a video they made spoofing Herman Cain's much-ridiculed ad in which his Chief of Staff Mark Block awkwardly smokes a cigarette. In the spoof version, Huntsman's daughters discuss the virtues of their father while wearing fake mustaches. At the end of the ad, the girls can be seen blowing bubbles instead of smoking cigarettes.

Abby told Hannity how the video was conceived. She explains that Liddy, "woke me up, I was in bed, it was I think 7:30 in the morning, she said I have this crazy idea but we're gonna do it, and we're gonna spoof the Cain ad. And I said absolutely not, that will be horrible, it'll hurt dad, no way. And just somehow, we said we're gonna blow bubbles, it'll be age appropriate, we gotta do it."

One of Huntman's daughters explained to Hannity that she "ran into him [Block] last night at the debate and we took a photo together." When Hannity asked if Block had seen the girls' spoof, they responded, "Oh yeah."

Mary Anne even teased that more videos might be on the way from the three daughters, saying, "Hopefully there's more to come."

Daughter Liddy was described during the interview as the "trouble-maker" of the three. Hannity asked Abby and Mary Anne, "What do you guys think of your sister?" Abby joked, "I think the fact that my dad is still alive raising her is one reason he'll be the best president of this country."

Jumping off Abby's comment, candidate Huntsman playfully explained, "What is the best training for the presidency? You've lived overseas 4 times, you've been ambassador 3 times, you've been twice elected governor. Raising 7 kids, I mean you're seeing just a fraction of all of them here, Sean."

Hannity observed of the three sisters, "you seem like best friends." Mary Anne responded, "We are. We're very close."



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