Jon Huntsman On Hillary Clinton: 'I Haven't Been Around Too Many People As Professional'

Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, who ran in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, had nothing but good things to say about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an interview with Larry King.

"Well at the risk of totally destroying my future in politics, I have to say she’s a very impressive public servant," Huntsman said in the interview for King's series, PoliticKING, which will air on Ora.tv on May 8. "I haven’t been around too many people as professional, as well-briefed, as good with people at all levels of life."

The former governor of Utah's comments come as congressional Republicans continue to ramp up criticism of Clinton and her role in handling the 2012 terrorist attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Democrats maintain that Republicans are using Benghazi as a ploy to derail Clinton's 2016 presidential ambitions.

Huntsman said that Clinton fits "the measure of a leader" and that she's "gracious and kind to all people ... a good listener too."

"We may not agree on all the issues, but I have to say she’s a very very capable person," Huntsman told King.

When asked by King if he thought Clinton would be a formidable presidential candidate in 2016, Huntsman responded: "Oh of course, of course."

Clinton is slated to release a memoir in June titled "Hard Choices" about her time at the State Department. She has said she'll make a decision about a 2016 presidential run sometime this year.



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