Jon Huntsman: Lower Levels Of Undocumented Immigration Show Obama Is A 'Failure'

Jon Huntsman went after his former boss, President Obama, tying his "failure" on the economy to lower levels of undocumented immigration. Essentially, he said the United States should be concerned when undocumented immigration is down, because it means that the economy is bad.

In terms of immigration, and illegal immigration, this president has so screwed up this economy, nobody is coming anymore. There is nothing to come for. There's not a problem today! Look at the numbers coming across. The numbers posted the other day -- lowest in four decades. So I say you know we have to secure the border, of course. We have to deal with the 11, 12 million people here. But let's not lose sight of the fact that legal immigration is an engine of growth for this country. Half of the Fortune 500 companies in this country today were founded by immigrants.

We have lost probably, well -- our market share of traveling tourism has gone from 7 percent to 12 percent because visa is screwed up in the nation. So you've got to look at the Department of Homeland Security. You've got to completely remake the way people are moving back and forth, our HB1 visa system, how we're dealing with the movement of people, how we're dealing with immigration. This is an economic development opportunity, and we are missing it.