'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Mom Denies Daughter Water (VIDEO)

Today is Jon and Kate Gosselin's tenth wedding anniversary, and as their marriage continues to be rocked by affair allegations, old footage of Kate denying her thirsty daughter water while she swigs from a bottle has popped up on YouTube.

The video, taken during an appearance on 'Access Hollywood,' shows one of the twins, Mady, telling her mom she's thirsty.

"I want a drink. I haven't had a drink all day, Mady exclaims, head in hand, as Kate ignores her. "I'm going to get dehydrated!"

Kate then claims, "Yes, me too," and asks for a bottle of water.

Water in hand, Kate sips some, puts the bottle down and does not offer Mady any.

As the kid pleads, "I need a drink now" Kate tells her to "be quiet," to which Mady says, "You're really, really mean!"