Right-Wing MAGA Artist's Weird New Trump Prayer Portrait Gets Hilarious Makeover

Jon McNaughton's latest effort brings out Twitter's art critics.

Right-wing artist Jon McNaughton, known for his over-the-top portraits of President Donald Trump, is out with a new work showing historical figures gathered around the president while he prays. And it’s brought out Twitter’s art critics.

The image, titled “Legacy of Hope,” depicts people such as former presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and Robert E. Lee standing around Trump, some with a hand on his shoulders. In a video explaining the piece, McNaughton said that he was inspired by an image of people like “Diamond and Silk” and televangelist Paula White praying over Trump in the Oval Office. 

McNaughton has a history of placing Trump in weird situations, including riding a motorcycle past the Capitol and commanding a boat à la Washington crossing the Delaware. 

Most of his past images have brought out the critics on Twitter and the latest was no exception, with some offering observations and others making a few alterations to the image: