Jon Snow Is Finally Back On 'Game Of Thrones'

"Game of Thrones" just aired its greatest episode ever.

WARNING: This post is dark and full of the biggest spoilers ever.


He's baaaccccckkkk!!!

It's been a year of speculation, theories and HBO making excuses, but all of your guesses were right, "Game of Thrones" fans. Jon Snow is back! Seven hells!

The whole entire second episode of Season 6, "Home," was crazy. Bran returned and we saw a young Ned and his siblings, Benjen and Lyanna, in a vision of the past. We also got some of Hodor's mysterious backstory. Oh, you know what else happened? Evil villain Ramsay killed his daddy, Roose Bolton, Roose's wife, Walda, and his new baby brother. (What is wrong with this guy?) And in the Iron Islands, Theon's uncle, Euron Greyjoy, showed up and killed Theon's dad, Balon.

By the way, Tyrion unchained Dany's dragons. (WHAT!)

But all of those plotlines led up to the biggest moment of all: our man is alive! In the last minutes of the episode, Davos convinced Melisandre to try and bring Jon Snow back from the dead. She cleaned his wounds, gave him a great haircut, said some words and that was basically it. But after everyone left the room, Ghost perked up and Snow opened his eyes, gasping for breath.

He's back, people! The hype is real! The hype is real!

Freakouts are coming ...

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