Here's How Jon Snow Should Be Introduced From Now On

Fans came up with a few titles to challenge Dany’s long list.

Ser Davos, take note.

It took over six full seasons, but in Season 7, Episode 3 of “Game of Thrones,” Jon Snow (Kit Harington) finally meets Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

Standing face-to-face at Dragonstone after hearing an intimidating list of formal titles describing the self-professed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Jon is introduced simply by Davos (Liam Cunningham): “This is Jon Snow. He’s King in the North.”

Which, frankly, didn’t seem right.

Since the show began, Jon has gone from being a bastard pariah to a bastard White-Walker-fighting king. Oh, and did we mention the guy came back from the freakin’ dead?

He surely deserved more props than he got ― and thankfully the people of Reddit agree.

In a post published Tuesday, users (particularly one called Gerry-Mandarin) decided to come up with a few appropriate titles that could and should be used in all future introductions.

Here are the best: 

Jon Snow, First of His Name

The Bastard of Winterfell

The White Wolf

Sworn Brother Guarding the Realms of Men

Lord of the First Men and the Free Folk

998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch 

Defender of the Wall

The Resurrected

Slayer of White Walkers and the Army of the Dead

The King in the North

Protector of the Realm

Rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms

The Prince Who Was Promised 

And just for fun ... 

Master of Brooding

He Who Has Never Met a Girl He Liked More Than His Own Hair 

And finally .... 

Knower of Nothing



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